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We're an online marketplace where you can easily buy and sell tickets to your favorite concerts, sports, events, shows, theater, plays, musicals, and all others at a BETTER PRICE.  Our goal is to provide you with the best price and the easiest way to purchase tickets from hundreds of thousands concerts, sports, theater, and events worldwide.  We always want to see you smile when you purchase from us so all your purchases are 100% guaranteed. And also, we'll give you something back in appreciation of your purchase at our site so each of your purchase will automatically enter into our Annual Prize Drawings which you will have a chance to win from total prizes amount of $5,000.  Thank you always for being a happy customer.

Here's what our logo represents and symbolizes.  Yellow - Happiness, Blue – Freedom, Green – Harmony, Orange – Success, Red – Love, White – Purity, and Stars – A white star in a bigger five-pointed star with above colors has a meaning of a star of stars.  These are what we are made of and what we will persistently stand on basis of our operation. We are BigHit.


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